Prana Brazil Nuts - Goodness Me!

Prana - Brazil Nuts, 250g


  • It takes only two Brazil nuts a day to meet your daily dose of selenium, a compound that is hard to find in the average North American diet
  • The Prana Brazil nuts are packaged with a modified atmosphere which means that the product keeps its freshness and its nutritional benefits intact for much longer than other Brazil nuts that are not packed with this added feature
  • Brazil nuts are delicious as is for a healthy snack or they can be combined in recipes such as veggie pate, nut milks, pesto or stuffing
  • You can also find them sweetened with organic maple syrup in our Go Nuts maple mix 150gr
  • All PRANA products are organic, gluten-free and vegan.

Harvested in the subtropical regions of South America, the Brazil Nut is very nutritious and is a sustainable choice for the environment. They are rich with protein and unsaturated fatty acids.

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