BioBag - Resealable Sandwich Bags - 25ct - Goodness Me!

BioBag - Resealable Sandwich Bags - 25ct


It starts in the kitchen ....and ends in the garden!


The Max Air 11 system is a revolutionary product that enables you to collect household organics inside your home or office without the "YUK" factor. Due to the ventilated Max Air Bucket and the breathability of BioBag, they combine to be the most "hygienic" organics collection system. The key to the Max Air ll system is it's ability to keep your organics mould free and maintain them in an aerobic state, reducing those nasty odours. With BioBag it makes it much easier to transfer your organics to your home compost or municipal organic collection program.

Please review the Max Air ll BioBag facts below:

  • High quality compost is achieved through proper pre-sorting of food waste, and it all starts in the kitchen.
  • The highly breathable and compostable BioBag, combined with the MaxAir ventilated bin, makes pre-sorting of food waste easy and hygienic for households.
  • Together with MaxAir ventilated bin, BioBag ensures good ventilation and allows the moisture in the waste to evaporate.
  • Due to the moisture evaporation, the waste dries out. This means that the waste does not rot, and unpleasant smells are reduced.
  • BioBag has a very high penetration barrier against bacteria, viruses, spores and mould.
  • BioBag also ensures better hygienic conditions for waste collectors and composting facilities.
  • BioBag is fully compostable and certified according to the European Standard EN13432 and the US standard ASTM D6400.
  • BioBag, in combination with MaxAir ventilated bin, is the world's leading system for pre-sorting of food waste. (Please, request references)

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