John Masters Organics Bare - Unscented Shampoo - Goodness Me!

John Masters Organics - Bare - Unscented Shampoo, 236ml

John Masters Organics

This perfect, fragrance-free daily shampoo combines organic extracts of chamomile and white tea with jojoba oil to gently cleanse and keep hair in optimal condition. Does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Safe for color-treated hair.
Available in 8 and 16 fl oz.

Made with 14 certified-organic ingredients


Key ingredients

• jojoba oil -- moisturizes hair
• evening primrose -- adds moisture, strengthens hair
• hyaluronic acid -- same acids found abundantly in young hair
• white tea -- detoxifies hair and scalp
• chamomile -- strengthens and revitalizes; soothes and treats oily scalp


• 14 organic plant extracts and oils to hydrate and soften hair
• fragrance-free
• creates a luxurious lather
• pH balanced
• no sodium lauryl sulfate


• good for all hair types
• excellent for people who are sensitive to fragrance
• safe for color-treated hair

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