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Awaken My Senses Organics

Awaken My Senses Organics - Positivity Blend, 10ML

We have all heard these statements at some time or another. Thought is the most powerful tool we have. It can take us to great heights or bring us to all-time lows. Negative thoughts create a toxic environment in our body, blocking the flow of Qi or Prana. “The power of positive thinking” is not just a statement – it is a vital component to our entire being. 

Almost any essential oil that you really like will help to promote a positive state. For this blend we’ve chosen a couple of “happy” citrus oils along with the sweet note of benzoin… because when you’re happy, you're smiling and when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you. Enjoy!
Grapefruit stimulates self-esteem and self-worth, banishing tension and stress. Lemon is like a breath of fresh air. It sparkles and dances through us, reviving our energy with unshakable confidence. Benzoin has a sweet vanilla-like aroma offering happiness and contentment.

  • 100% pure ingredients: organic Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) plus organic essential oils of Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi), Lemon (Citrus medica) and Benzoin (Styrax benzoin).

  • Suggested Use: Inhalation – take 3- 4 deep breaths directly from the bottle, visualizing the breath reaching every part of the body. Aroma locket – add 3 – 4 drops to the locket pad. Diffuser – add 6 – 10 drops to any diffuser. Massage: rub 2 – 3 drops into the bottom of the feet.

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