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Awaken My Senses Organics - Bergamot Oil - 5ml

Awaken My Senses Organics

Awaken My Senses Organic Bergamot Oil is extracted through cold expression of the peel of the nearly ripe fruit of the Citrus Bergamia, making it 100% pure oil. It may be useful to stimulate a loss of appetite due to emotional stress. Bergamot essential oil is beneficial for treating cold sores and wounds, and is recommended for acne, eczema, psoriasis and oily skin. Always use a carrier oil before applying topically.

Balancing and relaxing in essence, Bergamot is considered to be a top note and is one of the most popular essential oils for use in perfumery. It is the pleasant flavour in Earl Grey tea. When used for aromatherapy, Bergamot essential oil is an uplifting oil that calms angry or tense situations. It has both a cooling and warming effect, and is considered to be the #1 oil for treating anxiety.

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