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AOR - Antioxidant Synergy, 120cap


The Antioxidant Synergy™ formula is based on the interactions between specific antioxidants in the body known as the “networking antioxidants”. This “antioxidant network” includes R-lipoic acid, vitamin E, vitamin C, coenzyme Q10 and N-acetyl-cysteine, with added support from selenium, resveratrol and rosemary extract. The networking antioxidants have a cumulative effect when working together. In fact, the ability of other antioxidants to play a protective role in the body depends on first having a functional antioxidant network. Networking antioxidants "recycle" one another from their "radicalized" forms back into their active, antioxidant forms. By this process of mutual regeneration, networking antioxidants enhance and extend one another's capacities to have a better preventative effect on chronic diseases and aging. 

AOR’s Antioxidant Synergy™ offers the most powerful combination of antioxidants to reduce inflammation and cellular damage that contributed to aging, infertility, heart disease and many other chronic health conditions. 

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