Acropolis Organics - Organic Honey Mustard Vinigar with Turmeric, 250M - Goodness Me!

Acropolis Organics - Organic Honey Mustard Vinigar with Turmeric, 250ML

Acropolis Organics

Honey-garlic fans, consider yourself warned. This intoxicating blend of organic Greek garlic, honey, extra virgin olive oil, and balsamic vinegar will have you drizzling this dressing on everything - salads, meats, marinades, vegetables - you name it. The good news is that this addiction will have the heart-healthy benefits of olive oil, garlic, and red grapes (not to mention the suspected healing properties of honey. So go on and get your fix!
Acropolis Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from an exclusive region on our family orchard which faces the Mediterranean Sea.
Acropolis Organics practices the strictest standards of production. A new ecological farming system, (a.k.a., old school), means they do not use pesticides, chemicals or practice industrial farming. They never blend with other oils or varieties or use chlorophyll (like much of their competition). The final product is 100% pure and natural. The salty Mediterranean air flowing through their sun-kissed fields adds a unique peppery finish. The smooth fruity taste will transform your daily cooking into a celebration.
  • Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, red wine vinegar, grape must, dry garlic, honey, tumeric.

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