Episode 39 - Goodness Me!

Thanksgiving, Anxiety And Hosting Help


Happy October! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Emily and Janet are so excited. Having the family together enjoying a beautiful assortment of foods is a great way to spend the weekend! Traditions and being thankful are important and it’s always good to revisit that annually.    

First Segment: Nutrient Deficiency in 2018?

This weeks hot topic is based off of an article titled, “9 Foods That Help or Hurt Anxiety”. Emily and Janet look at the difference between anxiety disorder and just feeling fear, anxiousness, and discomfort. Feeling negative emotions is healthy, and balance that we need – it’s when anxiety disorder begins to take over your life and becomes hard to control that you need to search for solutions. The article is a good starting point to this topic, but Emily and Janet go deeper and talk about their tips for those dealing with an anxiety disorder.

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CanPrev - 5-htp 100mg

New Roots Herbal - Omega Mood

Natural Factors - Wild Fish Oil - 1000 mg

AOR - Magnesium Synergy Powder

Articles Mentioned:


Second Segment: Questions From Listeners

Question #1
Candice asks, “Hi ladies, my anxiety has been at its worst as of late. My morning coffee has been making me feel worse and giving me the shakes – any coffee alternative that will make the morning easier?”

Emily says,

  • Dandelion Root Tea or Dandy Blend – Dandy Blend has a coffee-like richness and depth with zero caffeine. It also helps with stimulating digestion and clearing the liver
  • Matcha Tea – A powdered green tea of high quality. It gives non-jittery energy because the release of caffeine is slower and over a long period of time. Can be put in smoothies, made into a latte or just enjoyed as a tea

Janet says,

  • Coffee is not for everyone – especially caffeinated coffee if you’re a slow detoxifier of caffeine
  • You may be able to tell if you’re a slow or fast detoxifier on how you react to caffeine

Products Mentioned:

Dandy Blend - Herbal Beverage

Two Hills - Organic Matcha Fine Green Powder

Question #2

Dani asks, “With Thanksgiving around the corner I’m starting to stress out – my sister in law is a vegan and my husband is on the keto diet. Having so many guests with accommodations is overwhelming. Do you have any suggestions on a specific dish I could make them or how to make them feel more comfortable?”

Janet says,

  • Thanksgiving is loaded with vegetables! Non-starchy vegetables are a great option for keto and vegans
  • Cauliflower rice is a great side – it can be made with all kinds of seasonings, pesto, curry, garlic and olive oil are just some options
  • Offer a protein source for the vegans – one of Janet’s favourites is a lentil dish with kale, parsley, and garlic. You can offer bacon on the side for the keto guest!
  • The vegan or keto guest may be honoured if you ask them to bring one of their dishes that they love!

Emily says,

  • Quinoa is an essential in the vegan community because it’s a high protein grain
  • You can make a quinoa stuffing – stuff the turkey with it, and then put some aside in a bowl for the vegan guest
  • Can always ask your guests to bring a dish – helps with stress and divides the work load!

What’s For Dinner?

Emily’s Cranberry Sauce

  • One bag of fresh cranberries (frozen can be used too)
  • 1/4-1/2 cup of honey (start with less)
  • 1/2 cup water

1 . Put water and cranberries in a pot with room to spare, turn onto a simmer and wait for the cranberries to start to pop, this is a great time to involve the kids as the popping is fun for them. You can turn down slightly and put a lid on it.

2. Check every few minutes and add more water as needed.

3. Add your honey as the cranberries start to cook down, as the sauce cooks down taste and see if you want to add more honey. You want to be sure to cook the honey before allowing the sauce to cool as this allows the sauce to thicken properly.

4. If you like your sauce more chunky turn it off sooner if you like it smoother smash the cooked cranberries with a potato masher.

5.It will take between 15-30 minutes to complete cooking. Sauce then needs to cool slightly before using but can be used warm (my favourite) or cooled and stored for days in the fridge and months in the freezer!

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