Sleep, Headache Remedies, & Natural Makeup - Goodness Me!

Sleep, Headache Remedies, & Natural Makeup - REPOST

Introduction (00:00 – 05:49)

First Segment: Trending Topics

Topic One (05:49 – 10:15): Is 10,000 Steps a Day Fact or Fiction?

It’s become a common threshold: get in 10,000 steps a day to keep your body healthy. But where did this number come from, and is it the number we should be aiming for? The answers to these questions might shock you! Janet and Emily discuss why it might not be the amount of steps, but rather what kind of steps!

Topic Two (10:15 – 14:17): What’s Harming Bees is Harming Us!

A class of pesticides known as “neonicotinoids” have been blamed for the collapse of bee populations across the world, but we might have overlooked the impacts of them on human health. New research has linked these pesticides to health concerns in humans, especially in pregnant women. You can guarantee Emily has something to say about that! She and Janet discuss how neonicotinoids can impact our health, and how you can avoid them and other pesticides in the future.

  • To rid your body of the toxic load brought on by pesticides, help your body cleanse itself:
    • Start your day with half a fresh-squeezed organic lemon in your water. Or, try Volcanic Organic Lemon Juice – with the juice of 40 organic lemons in one bottle, it’s one great deal (and have you ever calculated how long it would take you to juice 40 lemons??). I use it often: highest quality and convenience all in one!
    • Drink Traditional Medicinals Roasted Dandelion Root Tea daily for a good liver boost.
    • Eat lots of organic vegetables and quality spices like cinnamon and ginger, and consider supplementing with an organic green powder such as Genuine Health Greens+ Whole Body. They are full of the antioxidants your liver needs to work at its best!

Topic Three (14:17 – 26:00): Why We Should Respect Our Sleep

Try as we might, a good night’s sleep can be hard to get – Janet and Emily know this all too well! Research tells us that adults regularly getting less than seven hours of sleep every 24 hours were more likely to report a wide range of health problems. A lack of sleep has also been shown to impede your body’s ability to respond to insulin markers! Luckily, our hosts are refreshed and ready to give some important advice on how you can reclaim your sleep.

  • Magnesium is a must in any sleep or stress issues!
  • Melatonin is an excellent natural supplement to help initiate sleep. Take Natural Factors Sublingual, or New Roots Liquid Drops for extra small doses
  • A comprehensive sleep formula such as AOR’s Ortho-Sleep can help to reset your body’s circadian rhythm if magnesium and melatonin don’t work for you.
  • If you have a lot of screen time throughout the day, check out Spektrum Anti-Blue-Light glasses – they block the blue light emitted by your phone or computer that can be disrupting your sleep cycle.

Second Segment: Audience Questions

Question One (26:50 – 31:17): “When I get a headache, I reach straight for the Tylenol. Is there a natural remedy that will give me relief?”

One of Emily’s recommendations is peppermint essential oil, and properly using it can be a good way of relieving headaches. However, it’s still a volatile plant oil, and using it properly is key. Make sure you go into the hairline where the oil will be best absorbed. Take a very small amount and rub it back into your hairline, either on your neck or at your temples. If you have a headache around the temples, always keep the oil away from your eyes!

Other recommendations include Natural Calm Magnesium and Natural Factors Vitamin B6 for stress headaches, and chiropractic or osteopathic remedies for physical issues. You can speak to a homeopath as well – for example, gelsemiumis a remedy known to help those who work themselves hard.

Question Two (31:17 – 36:00): “What are the biggest reasons to use natural makeup over the stuff at the drug store?”

Makeup stays on your face all day, but many are made with ingredients you wouldn’t want getting into your skin; for example, half of lipsticks available in the U.S. contain lead! Trained aesthetician Emily has a couple of favourite products she recommends to anyone looking to make the transition to natural makeup:

Recipe (36:00 -38:58):Tomato, Avocado, and Cheese Salad

Celebrate your leftovers? Really? Yes, really! On vacation recently, I needed to clean out the fridge and use up all the leftovers. I created this super-delicious, super-quick and hearty dinner and it was a big success! You can plan to make this, but I think it works a lot better when you’re using what you already have – waste not, want not!

The recipe is adaptable to what you have on hand, but here is what I used:

1. Diced avocado, tomato, onion, peppers, raw old cheddar, and leftover cooked chicken, plus sliced olives

2. Tossed with a dressing of Goodness Me! olive oil, AC vinegar, fresh minced garlic, oregano, Real Salt, pinch of cayenne

3. Served over mixed green leafy vegetables (which also were tossed with above dressing).

4. Topped with toasted pumpkin seeds, which I seasoned with olive oil and salt.



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