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Ad Match

Goodness Me! natural food market

Policy & Standard Operating Procedure

Policy regarding Ad Match requests re:  Competitive Prices

Goodness Me! will match prices on an identical good with allowable evidence if: 

  1. Product is identical brand, size and UPC (or product/PLU)
  2. Customer provides competitive price proof by presenting a local competitor’s brick and mortar store flyer
  3. The customer request/transaction is during the timeframe of the competitors promotion
  • Customers requesting price matching during the competitor’s price promotion period will be able to purchase at the matched price
  • Customers requesting price matching for a product they purchased from Goodness Me! during a competitor’s price promotion period will be offered the difference for what they paid at Goodness Me! (based on the customer providing the Goodness Me! receipt) and the competitor’s promotional price, if the customer requests this within 30 days of the start of the competitors price promotion period
  • Goodness Me! does not ad match
    • online prices
    • to a competitor’s receipt
    • to a sale sticker on a product
    • regular price items


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