Pregnancy, Birth, and Life as a Mom - Episode 59 - Goodness Me!

Pregnancy, Birth, and Life as a Mom


This week all of you soon-to-be and new mommies are in for a treat! With Janet away enjoying some R&R, we’ve get special guest holistic nutritionist Laura Lima chatting with Emily about pregnancy, birth plans and how to set realistic expectations for yourself as a new mom.

Advice from the ladies to new mammas to support their bodies during pregnancy :  

  • Sleep as often as you can!
  • Eat protein at every meal
  • Don’t miss a meal
  • If anything, eat your protein first because it’s so important in the first trimester for keeping your energy out

Laura is 36 week along in her pregnancy and tells us a bit about her story so far.   She shares how her ideal birth plan has taken a bit of a turn over the last few weeks, and yet she continues on with such an optimistic and positive outlook.

First Segment: Hot topics

Recently a mommy-blogger posted a great article called “5 Things I Worried About With My First Baby That I’m Not Stressing Over With my Second”.In this, she gives some words of wisdom & reassurance from a mom that’s been-there-done-that and what she would say to her pre-baby self if she could.   The ladies weigh in share their thoughts on things that moms should give themselves a ‘pass’ on.

Emily’s Advice to first time moms,

  • Your energy output doesn’t always get the same amount of outcome!
  • You can be happy and find it difficult at the same time—and its okay to feel that way.
  • Don’t stress too much about sleep and schedules—they’ll figure it out!
  • Your body is going to be different
  • Acceptance is key

Article for Reference:

Jenny asks, “I can't get my husband more involved in caring for our 6-month-old son, and I want his help. What can I do?” Emily—how do you and your husband share the load? Any words of wisdom for me?


This is definitely something that new parents can struggle with and lead to frustrations! Listen in as Emily shares some words of advice from experience… she’s got some great tips!


Caroline asks, “What can I do to relieve or prevent pregnancy symptoms like nausea, vomiting, heartburn, leg cramps, and hemorrhoids?”


There are many ways that moms-to-be can support their bodies during pregnancy.   The ladies chime in on some of their go-to remedies and products that they’ve both found helpful during their 9 months!

For Heartburn

  • Limit your carbs
  • Tissue Salts: NatPhos

Leg Cramps

For Constipation


  • Do whatever you can to avoid constipation
  • Increase Water intake
  • Decrease caffeine intake
  • Magnesium
  • Witch Hazel– topical for soothing


What’s for dinner?


Tonight the Limas are going to be feasting on some amazing homemade tacos! Just listening to Emily & Laura talk about their favourite toppings will make your tummy start to grumble!


Laura’s Homemade Taco Seasoning

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