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Grab a seat on the couch or clear a spot in the kitchen - we're sharing everything we know when it comes to healthy living!  


Food is information for your cells. Never diet again – nourish yourself to health. Eating has become a hazardous activity.
Discover the power food has for you – profound, simple, amazing, compelling real-life experiences: Refreshing sleep, Increased energy
Reduced hunger, Reduced cravings, Improved mood, and more.

We’ll touch on food myths that keep us from enjoying all the healing and benefits - and enjoyment - that food has for us. Your goals are attainable.
The food is delicious and inviting; satisfying and flavourful.

Come, join me, and get started on an exciting and rewarding journey!

For decades the conventional help for cardiovascular health has focused almost exclusively on one thing: cholesterol.
Could that have led us astray in the fight against heart disease?
Join naturopathic Dr. Kate Rheaume to learn about when cholesterol matters, and when it doesn’t, the truth about statins, and nutrients that can help heal the underlying causes of heart disease.

With over 40 years experience in the health food industry and in her own person kitchen, Goodness Me! Founder Janet Jacks has learned how to source and make food that is not only delicious, but healthy too!

Taking a stand against diet culture and embracing food as fuel and nourishment, Janet is able to show you simple techniques to maximize the bio-availability of your food. Full of expert tips and tricks, this online event will have you looking at food with gratitude and a positive attitude, while you enjoy the benefits of more energy, better sleep, and overall wellbeing!

Start your journey today toward healthier eating–beyond kale and calories!

Is it possible to get enough protein on a plant-based diet? Do plants even have protein?
Does it need to be combined? What about soy, is it healthy?
Vegan Holistic Nutritionist Denise Massie will share all the juicy details about plant-based protein and share some tasty ways to eat it.
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