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Grab a seat on the couch or clear a spot in the kitchen - we're sharing everything we know when it comes to healthy living!  

Did you know that low back pain and headaches can be caused by seemingly small shifts in our spine? Not only that, but the food we eat can directly impact the level of pain we experience. Most people get frustrated and stressed when pain and headaches start to impact their daily lives, and they hope it will just go away on its own, which it rarely does.

We will outline a three-step process to help alleviate the impact of low back pain and headaches. By following this three-step system, you can put yourself on the trajectory to reduce pain and get back to living.

As you age, you may start to feel like your body isn't working the way you want it to! The aging symptoms you've heard about, or may even experience, such as pain, inflammation, weight gain or memory loss may be common, but it doesn't have to be that way!

Join Bonnie Flemington, Certified Nutritionist and Restorative Wellness Practitioner as she guides you through the 3 key strategies that will help you avoid common aging symptoms. You will leave this webinar with a toolkit of actionable steps that will have you feeling better fast.


Food is information for your cells. Never diet again – nourish yourself to health. Eating has become a hazardous activity. Discover the power food has for you – profound, simple, amazing, compelling real-life experiences: Refreshing sleep, Increased energy
Reduced hunger, Reduced cravings, Improved mood, and more.

A simple and tasty spin on bacon bits, vegan style!

This zesty berry smoothie is a great excuse to eat your smoothie with a spoon!

Roast chicken, quite rightly, is one of our most beloved comfort foods. I make beer can chicken seasoned with our Goodness Me! BBQ Rub.

The Sober Carpenter dealcoholized beer is perfect to impart a lovely malty note as well as steam from the inside will the chicken roasts from the outside.

An Online Event with Founder, Janet Jacks.

A combination of teaching and Q & A all about Immune Support. Janet addresses the impact that food plays in our immune health and everything you need to know when it comes to supporting your immune system well.​​​​​​​

So you've BBQ'd your Brisket, now what?! We say, why not a healthy, delicious sammie! It's this simple...

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