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Healthiest Countries In The World, Chapped Lips, & Green Juice


While Janet and Emily were both off on a break – Emily was dealing with her concussion while Janet was enjoying Greece! Janet and Emily discuss Janet’s vacation in Greece – from delicious food, to the culture, to exploring the markets, we are all feeling a little jealous of Janet’s trip! But we are happy that she is back and recording Honest to Goodness!

First Segment: Trending Topics
5:26 – 15:16

On this week’s episode, Janet and Emily are discussing the Bloomberg study of who the healthiest nation is. It looks like Spain has bumped Italy from their first place spot! Janet and Emily reflect on the factors that make the healthiest nation, and why they think that Spain landed in that top spot. They also look at what the top ten countries are doing right and what can Canada learn from these countries so that next year they can score higher than #16. What habits do us Canadians need to change and improve on? Let us know what you think!

Second Segment: Questions from Listeners
16:23 – 22:15

Question #1

Leslie asks, “Hi Janet and Emily – This winter my lips have been extremely chapped and every lip chap I have tried doesn’t seem to work! The skin on the rest of my body hasn’t been affected so I don’t think it is diet related. Any tips or recommendations?!”

Emily Says:

  • You can look at tissue salts to help with your chapped lips
  • It’ll help with hydration imbalances
  • A lack of B vitamins can also be why you have chapped lips – Try a vitamin B complex

Janet says:

  • Coconut oil and shea butter are good to put on your chapped lips because there’s no irritants in either of them
  • Evening primrose oil may also help!

Question #2

Clarice asks, “Hi ladies! I have always been curious if cold pressed green juice actually has any health benefits (besides it being a serving of fruit and vegetables) or is this just a food trend that the millennials love? Thanks!”

Janet Says:

  • A green juice should be providing you with the nutrients from your green vegetables
  • Liquid Plumber by Live Raw Organic is a great green juice
  • Some juices are green, but aren’t great for you

Emily Says:

  • Green juices with greens and lemon/ginger are the best for you
  • Stay away from one’s with fruit juice, because they are mostly fruit juice with a touch of greens
  • Not just a trend – try finding a good green juice you like!

What’s For Dinner
22:16 – 24:09

Stay tuned for Emily’s Cast Iron Chicken recipe!

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