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Grab and Go Meals, Procrastination, & Favourite Spices

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Emily and Janet are shocked to hear that by 2030 – 80% of retail space in grocery stores will be prepared foods. They have to ask is this the end of cooking? Or are we just that much busier? Janet and Emily have to ask, what’s going on? It seems that the younger generations aren’t cooking as much and they seek out pre-made food because that’s what they have always done. Do you enjoy cooking? Or are you looking forward to more prepared foods available to you?

First Segment: Trending Topics
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On this week’s episode, Janet and Emily are discussing procrastination. Ever tell yourself, “I’ll get to it eventually” – we have all been there! But that is procrastinating, and creating a negative cycle for ourselves. Janet and Emily dive into this topic and look at why we procrastinate, the effects it has on our health, and how we can stop ourselves from procrastinating. With our busy day to day lives, it’s hard to avoid procrastination – but training ourselves to change our procrastinating habits will allow us to procrastinate less. Do you have any tips on how to avoid procrastination? Let us know!

Second Segment: Questions from Listeners
28:10 – 31:23

Question #1

Daphne asks, “Hi Janet and Emily – Have been listening the podcast weekly for a while now! I figured that I would ask you both a fun question. So the question is, if you could only use one spice in your spice cabinet for the rest of your life, which spice would you pick?! Looking forward to hearing your answers!”

Janet Says:

  • Put a lot of thought into this question – because it’s difficult to answer!
  • First thought was curry but that may be considered cheating because it’s a mix of spices
  • Cumin – adds an interesting hint of flavour, that’s mysterious and exotic
  • Top 3: thyme, cumin, & curry

Emily says:

  • Cumin also! Uses it a lot and depending on how much you add it can really switch up the flavour
  • Cumin seeds & cumin powder give off two different tastes

Also considered thyme as a contender!

What’s For Dinner
31:24 – 34:45

Garlic Mushroom Chicken Recipe Coming Soon!

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