Goodness Me! Anniversary, Seasonal Allergies, & Issues With Eating Meat

Goodness Me! Anniversary, Seasonal Allergies, & Issues With Eating Meat

  • Introduction
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    Spring is finally here and Easter is right around the corner! Whatever you may be doing, hopefully it is filled with warmth, good feelings, and family. Janet and Emily also discuss the family traditions that Janet has been carrying throughout the years and how they have gone through generations! What Easter traditions do you have? Let us know!

    First Segment: Trending Topics
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    On this week’s episode, Janet and Emily are discussing the anniversary of Goodness Me! April is the anniversary of Goodness Me! And this year Goodness Me! Is celebrating 38 years of being open for business. Janet talks about the struggles, the benefits, and what she has learned throughout the years as a working mom. Janet mentions it’s hard to balance everything as a working mom, and it’s easy to get yourself in a routine that you may think works for you – but you may be missing out on crucial moments. Janet and Emily also discuss brands that have been at Goodness Me! Since the beginning, and how once upon a time they were one of the few stores that carried yogurt. Happy anniversary Goodness Me!

Second Segment: Questions from Listeners
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Question #1

Mia asks, “Hi Janet and Emily – Now that the warmer weather is here I struggle with seasonal allergies. Do you have any recommendations for products that could help with my allergies? Thanks!”

Janet Says:

  • Seasonal allergies can cause extreme discomfort so getting relief is important
  • Try a month before your allergies start: clean up your diet!
  • The gut and immune system effect one another – and if you can try to remove wheat, gluten, corn, and sugar and you may feel some relief from your allergies
  • Take care of your gut health – take a probiotic, drink bone broth, and take fish oil

Emily says:

  • Take something to reduce the histamine reaction – Quercetin should help
  • Stinging Nettle – A herb that brings down histamine reactions
  • Vitamin C in large doses – a good way to support the immune system

Question #2

Sophia asks, “Hello Emily & Janet, Lately when consuming beef, chicken and pork I have started to feel very nauseous and not feel well. I have tested with fish and that does not seem to bother me. Any idea what this could be? Thank you in advance.”

Janet Says:

  • You may have an issue digesting meats with more fat
  • You may need to take a digestive enzyme to support digestion with higher protein foods

Emily Says:

  • Could be allergic to meat – but it is a rare allergy to have
  • Maybe take a break from these protein sources – your body isn’t loving these right now so maybe remove them from your diet and try to slowly reintroduce them

What’s For Dinner
31:34 – 34:41

Potato Hash Recipe Coming Soon!

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