Ethical Diets, Purifying The Air In Your Home, & Whey Protein Worries - Goodness Me!

Ethical Diets, Purifying The Air In Your Home, & Whey Protein Worries

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Now that spring is here, gardening is on our minds. Gardening is a great hobby that allows you to grow your own food and allows you to teach your family how gardening provides you with food you can eat! Janet and Emily share some of their favourite vegetables to grow in their gardens. What are you growing in your garden this year?

First Segment: Trending Topics
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On this week’s episode, Janet and Emily are discussing an article that questions if a vegetarian diet is the most ethical diet to follow. Janet and Emily discuss ways to eat more ethically without sticking to one particular diet, and that when you slowly start making ethical choices – it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

Second Segment: Questions from Listeners
28:19 – 35:50

Question #1

Taylor asks, “Hi ladies! Do you have any tips on how to purify the air in your home? Now that spring is here I have been opening the windows more, but any other tips that I can use year round would be great! Thanks”

Janet Says:

  • Opening the windows is a great way to air out the house
  • Essential oils are great – tea tree oil, lemon, and various combinations of oils are great ways to purify the air in your home
  • Beeswax candles purify the air naturally while they burn
  • Coco Natural Activated Charcoal – absorbs odors and allergens

Emily says:

  • Rosemary is also a great essential oil to purify the air
  • Clean your ducts regularly!
  • Change the filter on your furnace as well!

Question #2

Harper asks, “Hi Janet and Emily – I recently started using a new whey protein, usually an hour after I have my shake I start to get uncomfortably bloated. Any idea why this is happening? Thanks in advance!”

Emily Says:

  • Sometimes we can get bloated if we skip breakfast which causes stress on the gut
  • Sometimes our body craves warm foods in the morning and the cold smoothie might be agitating your stomach
  • Certain food combinations can not work well together and cause bloating in the stomach
  • Whey protein can be hard for some to digest
  • Try a plant-based protein powder or a collagen protein!

What’s For Dinner
35:52 – 41:20

Beef & Vegetable Stew Recipe Coming Soon!

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