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Essential Oils, Cast Iron Skillets & Skin Care Staples


Janet and Emily are revisiting how they did with the vegetable challenge that was implemented a few episodes ago. Emily has been motivated to explore new ways to eat veggies, and to eat more veggies all together! Janet also experimented with a variety of vegetables while she was on vacation in Mexico. It’s fun to challenge ourselves once in a while to step outside our comfort zones.

First Segment: Trending Topics
4:06 – 19:16

On this week’s episode, Janet and Emily are discussing essential oils! Janet and Emily dive into three aspects of essential oils – the positives, the practical, and the benefits. Essential oils have been rising in popularity, and are sure to be a popular gift this holiday season. They also share their personal favourite oils, how they use them, and the cautions around their favourites. Lavender, peppermint, frankincense, and black spruce are just some of their favourites! What are your favourite essential oils? Is an oil diffuser on your Christmas list this year?

Products Mentioned

Second Segment: Questions from Listeners
20:15 – 23:37

Question #1

Dorothy asks, “Hi ladies – I’ve been thinking about investing in a good quality cast iron skillet – do you think they’re worth it? Do you have one and get use out of it?”

Janet Says:

  • Love them! I use it daily and it’s easy to care for
  • It is really simple to take care of – season with oil, rinse with hot water, and leave to dry
  • Will use it for many years – may even pass down to next generations

    Emily Says:
  • Also uses it daily, one of the most used pans in the house!

Question #2

Jillian asks, “Hi Janet and Emily – I’ve been looking to revamp my skincare routine. Do you have any product recommendations that you swear by? Thanks so much!”

Emily Says:

What’s For Dinner
23:38 – 24:40

Emily made a mouth watering Curried Lentils dish! The recipe will be up shortly – check back soon :-)

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