Episode 24 - Goodness Me!

Mysterious EMFS & Kids Nutrition

Introduction (00:00 – 04:18)


Janet is once again joined by her friend Dr. Kate Rheaume ND, a naturopathic doctor and the author of Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little-Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life.


First Segment: Trending Topics (04:18 – 25:25):Are Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) Affecting Your Health?


EMFs sound like science fiction, but they pose a very real threat to your overall health. These silent, invisible frequencies are emitted by cell phones, routers, electric lamps and clocks, and many other devices that have become routine (some say necessary!) for our daily lives. They don’t even have to be in use to put out hazardous frequencies! Janet and Dr. Kate discuss the insidious hazard EMFs pose, and what you can do to cut down your exposure!


  • To lower the amount of EMF you have to deal with, reposition the sources of energy fields away from where you normally live, work, and sleep. Take action: don’t sleep with your phone right next to your head, move a router to a room that isn’t a common sitting area, and don’t look into the microwave while it’s on – better yet, get rid of the microwave!
  • If you’re not like Janet (who doesn’t have a cell phone!) and do have a smart phone, Fazupis a simple way to protect yourself from the EMF emitted from your smart phone. It’s a patch that regulates and reduces the radiation, which is especially good considering your phone is usually right by your head!

Link to Article:Learn more about EMFs in this World Health Organization report http://www.who.int/peh-emf/about/WhatisEMF/en/


Second Segment: Audience Questions (27:34 – 39:04)


“I listened to your allergies episode which was great since my husband suffers from spring time allergies so we’re going to be taking some of your advice and tips to tackle that, clean up his eating and gut etc. but it seems as though my eldest son, 7yrs, is starting to have similar allergies. We had him tested last year and it looks as though tree, grass etc. are a problem. What would you say is the best way to help with my kids’ allergies? They eat pretty well but I haven’t tried eliminating certain foods yet, wheat, dairy etc. Would it be the same protocol for kids as adults?”


Whether it’s an adult or a child, anyone dealing with allergies finds a reduction in quality of life. Therefore, it’s good to know that dealing with children’s allergies is very similar to dealing with adult allergies, and that your plan of attack should be the same! Here are some great solutions to help your child if seasonal allergies are wreaking havoc in your household:


  • Natural Factors Children Multi Probioticshelp boost the good bacteria in your children’s gut and clean up the digestive system. Make these a routine to reduce allergy symptoms year after year.
  • Quercetinreduces the histamine response during allergic reactions. EMIQ is more bioavailable than older forms, letting it work on shorter notice, even when the symptoms have already begun.
  • Homeopathics like Boiron Sabadila are safe solutions to help them overcome symptoms, even when they’ve hit. Come in and talk to our Healthy Living Advisors for more information and advice!

Recipe: What’s for Dinner when life gets busy?

Dr. Kate says her kids like breakfast for dinner. Do yours?

Eggs, Bacon and Toast

Always a hit, anytime!

Fast, nutritious, and satisfying.

Janet says, “For myself, I’d usually serve bacon and eggs with tomato and/or avocado slices, or maybe sautéed mushrooms and onions.”


Eggs with Zucchini and Onions

Here is a fast and tasty dish for any meal, breakfast through dinner.

Saute the onions in the coconut butter ghee till partly tender. Add the zucchini and saute briefly. Season liberally with the olive oil, salt, and garlic powder. Alternately, use fresh garlic, but this garlic powder is REALLY flavourful and if you use it, you will be sure to enjoy the great flavour.

Add the water to the beaten eggs and season with salt and pepper. Pour the eggs over the vegetables, smoothing it to cover them evenly.

Turn the heat to low, cover, and let cook till set. Cut into wedges to serve.

Serves 2-4.


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