Janet’s Business Journey, Seasonal Allergies, and Exercising While Str - Goodness Me!

Janet’s Business Journey, Seasonal Allergies, and Exercising While Stressed: Episode 14

Introduction (00:00 – 13:11)

First Segment: Trending Topics (13:11 – 28:20)

Topic:Beating YourSeasonal Allergies

When you suffer from allergies, your immune system is overreacting to something that is generally harmless to the body. These overreactions create big problems, and there’s a correlation between seasonal allergies and negative impacts on mood, sleep, and energy. It’s important that allergy sufferers fight their symptoms before they even start! How can you find natural relief from itchy eyes, runny noses, and sneezing? Why are you suffering in the first place? Janet and Emily discuss how addressing allergies early can provide symptom relief not just for this spring, but for future allergy seasons also!

To combat seasonal allergies and build up your body’s defenses, Janet and Emily recommend a number of tools:

  • Homeopathy can be an effective alternative to allergy medication. It’s fast acting, inexpensive, and doesn’t have side effects. The trick is getting the right remedy for your situation! If you’re not familiar with individual homeopathic remedies, it might be good to pick one like Histaminum Muriaticum, a remedy designed for overall allergy relief.
  • Carol Morley’s book Delicious Detox helps you eliminate hardto-digest foods in your body to lower the burden on your immune system.
  • A more bioavailable form of vitamin C, like EsterC, to strengthen your immunity.
  • Traditional Medicinals Nettle Tea can help lower your body’s histamine response. It’ also loaded with nutrients!
  • Probiotics that heal the gut and strengthen populations of good bacteria are essential try Living Alchemy Symbiotics Terrain or Genuine Health Advanced Gut Health 50 Billion CFU.
  • St. Francis Deep Immune for Allergies is a great herbal immune booster designed for this time of year!
  • Natural Factors Quercetin. It won’t be immediate, but give it a few to find some great relief.

Link to article: https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/23/health/allergy-depression-link/index.html


Second Segment: Audience Questions

Question (29:39 – 37:03): “ I have a really busy life and am often very stressed out. This is all before I try to get some exercise, but it feels like something I have to do, not something I want to do. I’ve heard that exercise can just add more stress to the body! Should I be focusing on exercise or trying to relax during my off time?”

Exercise isa form of stress, and a stressed person can create more problems for their body if they go right into intense exercise. Balance is key - when you come home from a busy day, take some time for yourself before getting going again. You need little margins in your day where you just breathe! Janet and Emily break down how you can find balance and create a routine that will have you feeling great.

Recipe (37:03 – 42:29): Honey Mustard Pork Chops

I like to get these ready in advance, it’s quick to cook them and they taste best with a few days to marinate.

Throw pork chops into a container or Ziploc bag. Add the above quantity of marinade for every 1-2lbs of meat.

Take them out of the fridge 30 minutes – 1 hour before cooking to bring them to room temperature. Cook either on the BBQ or pan on high heat, flipping every minute or two for about 10mins until cooked through (make sure not to overcook!).

I serve these naturally raised delights with a ton of veggies like whole oven-roasted sweet potatoes, mixed roasted veggies, asparagus or green beans. Your plate should be mostly veggies, and I slice up the chop to make it go further for our family of four.

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