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Eggs, Vegetarian Fast Food, & the Dangers of Refined Sugar

Introduction (00:00 – 7:40)

First Segment: Trending Topics

Topic One (07:40 – 16:45):Is vegetarian fast food really good for you?

Plant-based foods are extremely popular, and your local fast food joints have probably picked up the trend. This recent surge of plant-based fast foods raises a lot of questions, and for many of them, we can confidently say that just because something is vegetarian or vegan, doesn’t mean it’s healthy! Nevertheless, are they the healthier option? Janet and Emily discuss whether you should be eating plant-based fast food at all, and what to look for on the ingredients list should you make the choice!

  • We often look at the calorie, saturated fat, or sodium content of a food to see if it’s healthy or not. These are often not the correct criteria to help us figure out this information! We should ask ourselves, “What effect will this food have on my blood sugar? What effect will it have on my gut? What effect will it have on inflammation in my body?” Look for real, organic, nonGMO ingredients, and don’t just trust that the “vegetarian” option will be the healthier one. As well, look out for:
    • Lots of veggies. Let the plants in plant-based options be vegetables, not grains!
    • Healthy, natural fats. Don’t be fooled by the “vegetable” in processed vegetable oils!
    • Protein. Often vegan and vegetarian options won’t have enough protein, so check out the grams and the source. One whole vegetarian protein is hemp hearts.They also contain significant amounts of magnesium and healthy fats, and one heaping tablespoon has the protein of a small egg!


Topic Two (16:45 – 24:27):The return of eggs!

The negative stigma around eggs has meant this wonderful, wholesome food was given a bad reputation. Worry no more! The “bad” effects that have long been exaggerated are finally, scientifically put to rest. Janet and Emily talk all about the positive benefits of eggs, the one hard-to-get nutrient that makes eggs a must-have in your diet, and how to incorporate more eggs into your diet!

  • At Goodness Me!, our eggs taste way better than the conventional “grade A” ones you find at other grocery stores. This is because we source our eggs from Canadian farmers that meet our simpleyet-strict egg standards that ensure all our eggs are cage-free. Whether they are hanging out in small groups in enhanced housing systems, running free in a barn, or roaming the pasture when the weather permits, our hens are happier, and this makes our eggs healthier!


Second Segment: Audience Questions

Question One (25:43 – 31:04):“Aside from the lack of nutrients, what is so bad about refined sugar?”

Sugar doesn’t just have a lack of nutrients - it’s a nutrient robber, depleting valuable minerals and stealing nutrient stores from other healthy foods to metabolize itself. It’s acidic. It plays havoc with your blood sugar, creating inflammation, brain fog, and CVD. Sweetened lattes? Caffeine amplifies the effects of sugar on your blood sugar! And it is addictive – as addictive as morphine. Yikes! To cut down on sugar intake, enjoy more fat, spices, and real salt to flavour your food. And when you do have a treat, use small amounts of real, whole, natural sweeteners like honey, dark maple syrup, Sucanat, or coconut sugar, because though they will spike blood sugar, they do supply the nutrients for their own metabolism

Question Two (31:04 – 35:09):“Why does the yolk in organic eggs look different from regular eggs?”

Pasture-raised chickens will have dark orange yolks, but don’t panic! If a chicken has access to its natural diet, you’ll end up with more colour in the yolk. As mentioned before, this is a good thing, as it’s a sign that the chickens have had a healthier diet with more omega-3s and nutrients, and this goodness is getting passed on to your breakfast!

Recipe (35:09 – 41:20): Emily’s Protein-Packed Pancakes

Do you have picky little ones that love carbs and not much else? These amazing pancakes taste great with a natural maple syrup, peanut, or just by themselves, and super nutritious! You’ll love them too!


  • 1.5 cups Pamela’s gluten free pancake mix
  • 2/3cup water
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/4 banana
  • 2 TBSP hemp seeds
  • 1 TBSP or more collagen powder for additional protein (optional)


Blend the ingredients together in your blender and cook over an oiled griddle on medium heat. I like to use butter or ghee for safe cooking and to provide my family with important healthy fats!



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