Canada's Food Guide, Grain-Free Granola, & Collagen Benefits - Episode #60 - Goodness Me!

Canada's Food Guide, Grain-Free Granola, & Collagen Benefits


Emily and Janet are back after a well-deserved break! Sadly, Emily spent her break with a concussion, but she’s feeling much better! Janet and Emily discuss the symptoms and struggles of dealing with a concussion. Emily also discusses what she has been doing to help manage her symptoms. We’re happy you’re back and better, Emily!

First Segment: Trending Topics
5:05 – 22:16

On this week’s episode, Janet and Emily are discussing the new and revised Canada’s Food Guide. Janet and Emily discuss the positives and negatives represented in the new image representing the Food Guide. They also dive deeper and discuss food choices, eating habits, tips, and recipes presented on the Canada’s Food Guide website. What do you think of the revised Canada’s Food Guide? Share your thoughts with us!

Second Segment: Questions from Listeners
24:16 – 31:15

Question #1

Michelle asks, “Hi ladies! I love granola – I sometimes will have it with plain Greek yogurt or unsweetened almond milk but all my favourite granola is very high in carbs and sugar. Are there any low carb and sugar options out there? Or could I make my own? Thanks!”

Emily Says:

  • Emily has been making granola with her kids, and there’s a few variations you could make
  • A low sugar option with oats, some dried fruit, a bunch of roasted seeds and nuts, coconut oil, and shredded coconut.
  • If you want this recipe a bit sweeter, toss in some maple syrup
  • If you’re looking for a low-carb granola, try this one from Stone Soup

Question #2

Penelope asks, “Hi Janet & Emily, Lately all my friends can’t stop talking about collagen! They love adding it to their coffee, but some of them just mix it in water. What exactly are the benefits of regularly consuming collagen?”

Janet Says:

  • Humans have been consuming collagen for ages
  • You can get collagen from consuming bone broth, but collagen is also now readily available
  • It’s easy to use, and dissolves in hot or cold drinks
  • If purchasing a collagen powder, make sure that the collagen is either organic or grass-fed

Emily Says:

    • Collagen has many benefits and is great for skin!
    • Also great for digestion and gut health
    • When you consume collagen, you are consuming it as a protein source
    • Our bodies will then produce collagen from the protein

What’s For Dinner
31:20 – 32:52

Stay tuned for Emily’s Low-Sugar Granola recipe!

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