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Meet our teachers

Dr. Jeff Appelmann

Dr. Appelmann holdsa Bachelor of Sciencedegree in Biochemistryand received his four-year training as a Naturopathic Doctor from the Canadian
College of NaturopathicMedicine. A strong focus of his practice has always been prevention and aiding in the treatment of variousforms of cancer, ensuring safety during treatments.

Dario Chiarotto

In his early 20’s, Dariosuffered from Mercury
poisoning. Scans and bloodwork showed that he wasperfectly fine and was toldthat his symptoms were allin his head. That is whenit became his mission toget answers! From thisexperience, Dario learned agreat deal about health andshares his knowledge inhopes of helping others.

Brendan Coates

As a RHN and passionateadvocate for juicing,
Brendan has implementedseveral different kinds of
juice cleanses for thosewith a wide variety of
health issues. Accordingto Brendan, everyone
should implement juicingto their lifestyle in order
to maintain good health. Itcan be a powerful tool to
heal and cleanse the body.

Alice Eisan

Alice is a CertifiedNutritional Practitionerwho graduated from IHNwith First Class Honours.Working as a HLE atGoodness Me!, she believesin identifying and tacklingthe root of disease through
an individualized approachand leveraging the power
of community to supporthealthy lifestyle choices.

Jasmin J. Elliot

Jasmin is the owner ofPersnickety Creations, a line of natural home& body care products.She has a deep passionfor health, wellnessand nutrition. Jasminis a certified CulinaryNutrition Expert, graphicdesigner, artist, DIY-er,environmental activist andbig-time foodie.

Chef Fraser Fitzgerald

Fraser is “That PlantedFork”, running cookingclasses and vegetable-forwardworkshops inHamilton. His ability toteach people how to enjoy
plant-based meals is histrue calling. Eating well
should be for everyone andhis classes will leave you
feeling more confident andcomfortable in the kitchen.

Susan Gadsby

Susan teaches fine arts anduses a variety of mediumsincluding oils, acrylicsand watercolour; as wellas printmaking, graphicsand ceramics. Her passionfor different culturesinspires her current acrylicpaintings, while her abidingconcern for culturalequality, human rights andthe environment drives herwork.

Cindy Gouweloos

Cindy is certified inWhole Foods Plant-Based
Nutrition, is a MasterInstructor in Integrated
Energy Therapy, a certifiedHeartMath Meditation
Coach and is trainedin offering Ionic BodyDetoxing. Her successfulwellness journey triggered
her deep desire to learnmore, become certified,
treat and teach others.

Bridget Jensen

Bridget is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University,
Conestoga College and is a member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. She is calm, supportive and dedicated to helping families,
children, individuals and workplaces get the rest
they need, so they can feel their best during the day.

Bojana Jordanovski

Bojana is anInternationally GraduatedPhysician and YogaTeacher from Macedonia.Through her journey, shebrings a comprehensiveapproach to healing.She is passionate aboutsupporting others in livinglife on their own terms,with less stress, and moreclarity and focus.

Kathryn Kimmins

Kathryn’s classes helppeople to connect and to
express emotions freelyin the workplace andat home. She foundedand facilitates HamiltonGrooves with LaughterYoga, Living Healthier
Lifestyle Seminars throughLaughter Yoga & the PiedPiper of Laugh-a-LotProgram for children.

Sheri Leisemer

Sheri is the EducationManager for Goodness
Me! She graduated fromLiaison Culinary College
in 2015 and became apersonal chef. Join Sheri
weekly for LifewatcherSmoothie classes and
for two Lifewatcher 30Minute Meal classes in the
month of March.

Jolene Louter

Jolene is a CertifiedNutritional Practitioner,who graduated from IHNin 2016. As a HealthyLiving Educator who ispassionate about travel,teaching, and a foodfirst approach to health,Goodness Me! allowsJolene to share herpassions to help others
live healthier lives!

Ian McDaniel

Ian has called Brantfordhome for more than 25
years. After working forCoca-Cola for 20 years,
he decided to switch tofinancial planning and life
insurance. His concernfor the future, charismaand life experiences havehelped him prepare forthis change, along withschooling and training.

Lindsay McFarland

Lindsay is ourDifferentiation &Communication Managerhere at Goodness Me! As abusy working mom of two,she is passionate aboutsharing Goodness Me!’svision of helping peoplelive longer, healthier &happier lives.

Chef Jack Middleton

Jack Middleton is a localvegan chef based out of
Hamilton. He believes thateating vegan can be an
exceptional and excitingculinary experience and he
has a passion for showingothers how to make that a
reality. Jack attended chefschool at George Brown
College and earned his RedSeal Certification in 2014.

Maggie Millwood

Maggie is trained in Holistic Nutrition with the
designation of Certified Nutritional Practitioner. In
her role as Healthy Living Educator at Goodness
Me!, she enjoys sharing her passion for nutrition
through teaching a variety of classes, including our
8-week healthy eating program, Lifewatchers.

Ella Nunes

Ella Nunes is the founder of Wax + Fire Co., the former founder of Ella’s Botanicals and was selfemployed for several years as a Holistic Practitioner. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and loves to share her experience with other budding entrepreneurs.

Viera Povazan

Viera has studied holistic nutrition, human anatomy
and physiology, natural healing therapies, body energy flow and blockages, a variety of philosophies
as well as schools of thoughts related to human health and well-being. She applies a systemic approach to health through physical and mental body connection.

Nancy Scott

Starting as a Canadian Medical Laboratory
Technologist in clinical chemistry, Nancy’s passion
for essential oils led her to pursue a Certified
Aromatherapy Health Practitioner designation. She
combined her medical and chemistry background with her desire to design and use products that are effective, safe and toxin-free.

Laura Stefankiewicz

Drawing from her experiences and studies, Laura has developed a unique approach to personal wellness. With a strong message of self empowerment and connection, she strives to inspire her students and clients to embrace every single inch of who they are, inside and out.

Shanta Wehrli

As a RMT, her day job is helping people to relax -
physically, spiritually and mentally. Shanta has been
meditating since 2004 and teaching meditation
workshops like this one since 2010. The benefits
and magic of meditation have been enormous and
Shanta wants to share and help you.

Sacha Welsh

After experiencing a scare following the delivery of
her second child, Sacha became a Certified Health
Coach, passionate about helping new and expecting
moms create and maintain a healthy lifestyle so they
can be and feel their best while accomplishing
one of life’s greatest challenges; motherhood.

Mark Williams

Mark is a local Hamilton award-winning nature
photographer who has spent more than a decade
photographing wildlife and landscapes in southern
Ontario. Recently, Mark has taken his experiences
and knowledge from the field and began teaching
courses on Nature and Photography.

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