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Hello, I’m Janet Jacks, the founder of Goodness Me! Natural Food Markets and one-half of The Honest to Goodness Podcast!

My obsession with health began in the 70s, when my husband was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes; we were determined to find the solution that would let him live a happy life free of the devastating complications of diabetes we watched his father suffer. This journey led the two of us to found our first store in Hamilton, Ontario in 1981. I had – and still have – a passion to provide knowledge along with practical ways for people to get well, even in the midst of serious challenges. More than 35 years later, I have been able to channel and expand my passions to reach even more people. This includes hosting my own radio show for over 20 years, publishing articles in local media, TV appearances, becoming an author, and now launching a podcast!

Balancing running a business with raising five kids wasn’t easy, but I think they’ve turned out all right (ask Emily)! I’ve tried to impart the same lessons to them that I also pass on to my customers, but they’ve taught me so much, too. I had to learn how to set priorities and find ways to ensure that they did not suffer – emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, or nutritionally - because of the great demands of the business. At the same time, I also wanted to be sure that I took good care of our customers, because they became my extended family and I wanted them to have success.

One of my life goals to have a big family, and with a son, four daughters, their spouses, and fourteen grandkids for a total of 26 in my immediate family, I think I’ve achieved it! One of the challenges I didn’t anticipate is working out how to be involved in their lives while still very involved with my work at Goodness Me!, and though it can be a huge undertaking, making time for them is always worth it.

I love good parenting and volunteer my time to run a moms’ group where we discuss kids, parenting, and being the best moms – and women - we can be. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, reading, cycling, photography & card making, campfires, and beach walks.

Teaching is part of who I am – I was an elementary school teacher before founding Goodness Me! - and I’m passionate about health education. I began teaching classes about health more than 37 years ago! When we started the store, I had a great desire to welcome our customers into my home and show them how easy a healthy lifestyle can be. This turned into a weekly class, which soon expanded beyond one night, and now we are launching our nineteenth year of Lifewatchers, the ten-week healthy living program. I wrote the Lifewatcher program to educate, motivate, and provide practical tools so people can create their own unique success stories. I wanted to set people free from wrong nutritional information, and to experience the energy, vitality, and wellbeing that is their birthright. Thousands of success stories attest to its achievement and it’s a great pleasure when people ‘get it’- when they understand, take action, and experience for themselves how great they feel. One of the things that keeps me motivated is hearing your success stories, which are pretty amazing!

I’m also an author. My first book, Discover the Power of Food, provides the information and practical tools you need to create your own healthy life – what and how, as well as why so you can understand what you are trying to do. Easy to read and motivating, full of success stories, it quickly became a Canadian bestseller I wrote my second book, Share Goodness, because my readers wanted more recipes! In these books, I provide a guide for healthy living, complete with tasty family-friendly, kid-tested recipes that people can work into their busy lifestyles. I’ve been blown away by the positive feedback that continues to pour in, and you can get your copy of both books online at www.goodnessme.ca or at any of our nine Ontario Goodness Me! locations.

Above all, I’m a truth seeker, a problem solver, and I want to help people live healthy lives. I’m always up for finding the latest health research and following new paths of discovery. I’m excited to share these findings and continue my role as a communicator and motivator on Honest to Goodness! It’s one more way that I can invite you into my home and my life to share with you my discoveries, challenges, ideas, and successes along life’s journey.

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