Skin Essence Organic Rosehip Seed Oil - Goodness Me!

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Skin Essence - Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, 30ml

Skin Essence

Rosehip Seed Oil contains one of nature's richest sources of essential fatty acids (Omega 3 & 6), vitamins and antioxidants. It can be used for naturally toning the skin, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, preventing scarring, healing skin tissue & broken capillaries, reducing fine, rejuvenating skin cells and dramatically improving the skin's moisture levels, leaving the skin looking radiant and with a healthy glow.

Rosehip Seed Oil also naturally contains Vitamin A, C & E, which delays the effects of skin aging, assists with cell regeneration, and stimulates collagen and elastin levels in the skin. This results in firmer, smoother, and more youthful skin tissue with improved elasticity.

  • 100% Pure Rosehip Seed Oil*.

  • *Certified Organic.

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