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Ethnic Cuisine

Casbah - Freekeh,174g


Casbah Freekeh (Pronounced Free – ka) has been appearing in recipes from as early as the 13th Century. It is a grain based food that is made from green wheat that has been dried, roasted and then “thrashed” or “rubbed” to make the flavour, texture and colour uniform. The result is an earthy, smoky grain that has a distinct flavour. Casbah Freekeh is a delicious side dish and a great alternative to rice and other grains. Casbah Freekeh has up to four times the fibre of brown rice and provides more protein than mature wheat and most other grains. It is also a source of both prebiotics and probiotics and contains iron, zinc, potassium and calcium. Casbah Freekeh is also a low glycemic index food.
  • Freekeh (green wheat). Contains wheat.

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