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Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner from Our Eatery!

by Katie Mitton October 05, 2016

Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner from Our Eatery!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It's a time to celebrate with family and give thanks--and of course, to enjoy the delicious, comforting foods of fall! We're making it easy this year by making all your thanksgiving favourites in our eatery. Check it out!  

If you haven't enjoyed something from our eatery yet, let us tell you a bit about the delicious foods you'll soon be hooked on. Our Goodness Me! eatery is focused on providing you with prepared foods using ingredients of unparalleled quality at pricing that makes sense. We believe that prepared food should be delicious and made with real ingredients - nothing fake or artificial. What does this mean? It means we choose organic ingredients whenever possible. It means we use only high quality oils, like extra virgin olive or grapeseed. It means our meats and poultry are naturally raised, nitrate free, and antibiotic free, and our fish are wild caught. It means we use butter and spelt flour instead of margarine and wheat. It means our salt is from the sea--the whole, unrefined, mineral rich kind. All our water is reverse osmosis filtered. For sweeteners, we use cane sugar, maple syrup, and honey. Our coffee is always fair trade and certified organic (and only $0.95 every day for 16oz!). And it means, above all, that our foods are 100% free of MSG, preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.  

We also offer a range of foods that are friendly to all dietary restrictions. Gluten free, wheat free, grain free, dairy free, nut free, vegan, vegetarian--no matter your preference, we have something to suit it.  

So, what do we have to offer for thanksgiving? At our self-serve hot trays, we offer a range of thanksgiving dinner favourites, including free rage turkey, gluten-free quinoa stuffing, mashed potatoes (you can choose from sweet potato or regular mash!), peas and carrots, and homemade gravy and cranberry sauce. Everything is made from gluten-free ingredients, and you can serve yourself! This means if you're a stuffing fiend, pile it up and skip the veggies. Or, bring home enough of something to serve as a side or part of your meal for your family at home. You can even take home enough to serve as a family meal. The choices and combinations are endless! 

This delicious offering runs until Sunday October 9th at our Upper Gage, Burlington, Barrie, Waterloo, Guelph, and Mississauga locations for just $2.19 per 100g. We also have pumpkin and apple pies available, fresh baked in our eatery!

Come on in and try some of our thanksgiving favourites, and tell us what some of your favourite traditions are.

Katie Mitton
Katie Mitton


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