Quick & Easy Chicken & Pepper Stew - Goodness Me!

Quick & Easy Chicken & Pepper Stew

by Katie Mitton August 03, 2015

Quick & Easy Chicken & Pepper Stew

Nothing says comfort like a hearty bowl of chicken stew! This is the perfect healthy dinner on those damp, cold days. Make it once and you can have delicious left overs throughout the week.  

1 organic chicken, or 4 cups cooked chicken
2 cups chicken stock or liquid chicken was cooked in:
¼ cup ground chia
2 tsp Herbamare
1 organic red pepper
fresh pepper
1 Tbsp coconut oil/butter ghee


Cover chicken with foil and roast in oven at 350˚F until done. Remove and chop into bite size pieces. Drain out liquid and add water until you get two cups. Bring liquid to a boil. Whisk in chia and 1 tsp Herbamare. When mixture thickens, add in chopped chicken. Stir to coat and turn off. Spoon chicken mixture into 9x9” baking dish.


OR Place 2 cups chicken stock in a saucepan. Heat until boiling. Stir in chia and 1 tsp Herbamare until mixture thickens. Add 4 cups chopped chicken and stir until chicken is warmed. Remove to baking dish.


Cut peppers and saute them in oil on the stove. Season with Herbemare and add to chicken gravy mixture. Serve.

Katie Mitton
Katie Mitton


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